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Walking in Burano
부라노를 걸으며
플레이 시간 : 20 - 40 분
플레이 인원 : 1 - 4 명
사용 연령대 : 14 세 이상
제작/유통사 : Alderac Entertainment Group
수입국가 : 미국 (United States of America)
생산국가 : 타이완 (Made in Taiwan)
판매가격 : 29,000원
적립금 : 290 원
주문수량 :

* 박스 사이즈 & 카드 사이즈 (사이즈는 측정 방법에 따라 차이가 있을 수 있습니다.)
박스 사이즈: 가로 14.2cm / 세로 19.3cm / 두께 4.6cm
카드 사이즈: 가로 43mm / 세로 67mm * 약 106
   └  권장 슬리브 : [100장, 4569] 카드 슬리브 43mm x 67mm 카드용 - 1,000 원

* 제품 상세 정보

미니 확장 1이 포함이 된 버전입니다.

Burano is a beautiful island of Venice in Italy, known for its colorful houses. Walking through the island, you will see these vibrant houses on both sides of the canal, as well as the personal décor placed by the inhabitants of these houses and shops. Tourists always linger on the street to appreciate and enjoy the view.
The colorful houses of Burano need a fresh coat of paint in order to stay beautiful and vivid. Use your creativity to refurbish and decorate the houses and amaze the tourists and local people with your masterpiece!

Walking in Burano is a family game. Players place the Floor Cards in order to receive a visit from different characters. They will score points based on the various symbols on the houses. To be the player with the most points at the end of the game.


Burano ist eine hübsche Insel in Venedig, die für ihre bunten Häuser bekannt ist. Wenn man auf der Insel spazieren geht, sieht man diese strahlenden Häuser auf beiden Seiten des Kanals, außerdem die Verzierungen, die die Einheimischen an ihren Häusern und Läden angebracht haben. Immer wieder verweilen Touristen hier auf den Straßen, um den Anblick zu genießen.
Die bunten Häuser von Burano brauchen neue Farbe, um hübsch und strahlend zu bleiben. Nutzt eure Kreativität, um die Häuser zu renovieren und zu schmücken, und versetzt Touristen wie Einheimische mit euren Werken ins Staunen!

Legt Etagenkarten aus, um Besuch von verschiedenen Leuten zu erhalten. Dafür erhaltet ihr Punkte, die von verschiedenen Symbolen auf den Häusern abhängen. Wer am Ende des Spiels die meisten Punkte hat, gewinnt.

—description from the publisher


In Walking in Burano, players draft up to three cards to complete the five houses in their section of Burano. The more cards drafted, the less money earned to build floors of the houses. The player then pays to play up to three of their cards. When a three-story house is complete, a scoring card is added underneath the completed house.

Tourist cards score points for things like the number of cats visible on the house, the number of potted plants, or other similar conditions. The resident cards will score points for larger areas, like for the number of pedestrians walking up and down the street; for the number of different shops along the canal; or other horizontal sections of the player's tableau.

There are point penalties if houses are mismatched colors, if two neighboring houses are the same color, or if there are boarded up windows on a card.

When a player completes all five houses in their section of Burano, the game ends after all players have had an equal number of turns. The player with the most points wins.

공지사항 이용약관 고객지원 게시판 개인정보처리방침
상호:보드피아 / 대표:백창현 / 사업자번호:215-09-86490 / 통신판매업:2017-고양일산동-0410호
일산 사무실(방문구매 불가): 경기도 고양시 일산동구 호수로 646-30 신풍플로스타 806호
TEL: 031-813-9233, FAX: 031-903-9234

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